Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A silly Game…My ICONic Friends

So I decided to do something fun with my blog this month.  I put everyone’s name in the ICONic Company in a basket.  I pulled out the first 20, and as soon as my sister Sam read their name, I said the first word (or 2) that came to my head… these were my results :)
Thomas…………”RED SHIRT”
Christopher (Sottile)……”CUTEEEEE!”
Jacqueline……..”CURLY HAIR”
Emily……………”BROKEN ARM”
Leona……………”HIGH KICKER”
Nick Mara………”MINI GEO”
Tori Grassi…….”SWEET!”
Tristan………….”AWESOME HAIR”
Alyssa D…………”FUNNY”
Danielle Guzzo…”SOOOOO NICE!”
Madison………….”JUST SO COOL!”
Chris Corradino…”TEXTER”
Louis………………”TECHNO HOODIE”
Gabby D………….”COWBOYS”
So, what do you think?... Agree, disagree, any additional words for anyone…let me know your thoughts… good and bad, LOL!! 
(I will continue picking out of my hat for my January blog…stay tuned ;) )

HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY EVERYONE…AND DON’T FORGET TO TUNE INTO Paula Abdul’s LIVE TO DANCE premiere Tuesday January 8th on CBS…Check out our AWESOME ICONic Boyzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!... soooo excited!!

Last week before break!!... BEST WEEK EVER!

Adding more excitement to the month, GEO let us have a Pajama Day this past Monday. Everyone LOVES Pajama Day, and looked so so cute! Check out my pictures and you can see how everyone goes all out for these special days. In addition to wearing pajamas, we also played tons of games! We had relay races, Limbo, and even a silly Cookie contest; where you had to get the cookie from your forehead into your mouth… too bad I don’t like cookies !  But it was really funny to watch! GEO was pretty good at it! I think everyone would agree that we were all soooo sad when our hour of class ended. We all could’ve stayed there all night. On Tuesday, which was my last day of dance before the break, I was sooo sad to say goodbye to my friends. It’s going to be a WHOLE week and a half before I see some of them again!! I don’t think I can go that long! I love them and I love dancing… what am I going to do!! 
Well, one thing we can all look forward to is January 8 – 10.  We will all be spending every minute together at the Pulse workshop in Atlantic City. Hope to see you all there… who’s going? If you’re in Atlantic City that weekend, come and check out our SCREAM routine Saturday night at the Sheraton!  See you there!


Once again, ICON’s Holiday Gala was soooooo much fun!  We all just literally DANCE the whole night! I truly love all my friends at ICON, and just hanging with them all night long was just the BEST! There was an awesome free-style circle going on most of the night. You should see some of the ICON dancers out there! GEO and Beth definitely have their work cut out for them in the next few years… those little ones were GREAT!! They were only about 5 to 7 years old and they could DANCE!! I think there was even a 4 year old that went out in the middle of the circle and he started break dancing! They were so fun and cute to watch. Even my little sister Kara went out in the circle!!... she has more nerve than me!!... LOL!  

A few hours into the Gala, the DJ played, “DECK THE HALLS” from Glee, and we got to surprise everyone with a Cheer Funk Flash Mob dance… it was so exciting! Soon after, the whole ICONic Company covered the dance floor with another Flash Mob to “JINGLE BELLS” from Glee also. It was so cool… the ICON dancers ranged from age 5 to 18, all doing the same dance! There truly is nothing like ICON! 
Were you there?  What was your favorite part of the night?  Who’s dress was your favorite?...LOL…I loved Beth’s!  


The night of Chris’s open was also the last night of the ICON of Hope Contest. OMG! I couldn’t believe the drawings that were submitted. If you haven’t seen them, ask Karen at the front desk to take a look at the album. They were all soooo creative! I just couldn’t believe the time and effort that everyone put into their pictures. So far, we have raised over $2000.00 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital!! I am so very thankful for everyone that donated and participated. 

I think GEO and Beth were surprised to see that their students can not only dance, but draw too!! I know many of you are still wondering about the contest winner, but because there were so many amazing drawings, ICON was deciding on choosing more than one winner. We should all know very soon!! 


The month of December was just AMAZING at ICON! We started out the first Thursday with a Contemporary class run by Chris Smith. All of the proceeds from the open class were donated towards ICON’s annual donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The class was soooo fun! I LOVE Chris’s choreography! He always comes up with things that are totally out of the box! Chris and I are currently working on my Contemporary solo and I love it! It is sooo much fun, though I have to work on my cardio! The dance is sooo packed and busy, I’m out of breath when I just run it through my head in my bed at night…LOL! It is really a unique dance; I can’t wait to bring it to competition! Anyone else enjoying Contemporary this year?  Any suggestions on how I can catch my breath during my routine?... LOL!

Friday, November 5, 2010

I cannot WAIT! It's coming in just a month!

       **DECEMBER 11, 2010**


I’m so ecstatic to be starting up my solo practices this week!! I have decided to do a lyrical solo dance and a contemporary solo dance. So far, I LOVE what I’ve been taught. Has anyone else started on their solos, duos, or trios? Was it hard picking your song? Tell me about it…


So Thursday mornings at ICON are even more exciting than usual. They now are running a MOMMY and ME class for ages 2 and up. My little brother, who just turned 3, TRIED it out. My mom said all he wanted to do was dance and look at himself in the mirror. I have to say, he is the youngest of 4, and the only boy, so he is VERY spoiled.  Structure and him don’t go together yet… LOL! We are going to give him some more time to learn how to take turns, before he starts his debut as a dancer again. My mom said maybe he’ll try again soon. So if you happen to go and see a really cute boy, whose not really listening to directions, say “HI” to my brother Drew… LOL!!


So ICON had their first ever ADULT Halloween Party this year. They decked out the dance studio with all Halloween decorations. I saw pictures from the party and I just had to post…GEO AND BETH LOOK AWESOME!!!!!  Check them out!  (can’t wait til I’m 21!) … LOL!


I am sooooooo very excited this month to be performing our routine “NINE.”  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dance! It is just so fun and energetic! Every year ICON performs at a fundraiser for the Hope for Children Foundation. This is my first year performing for the fundraiser and I can’t wait! It is a black tie event/benefit, and it is held at the Ocean Place Resort & Spa in Long Branch, NJ. I love doing these performances for special causes. I’m especially excited to be performing our Jazz company routine. I was hoping Nationals wasn’t going to be the last place we would perform it. It was one of my favorites. The whole company (Senior’s, Junior’s, Mini’s, and even the Boys) perform this dance. It’s A LOT of fun! Anyone else agree NINE is one of your favorites?  



I, along with GEO and Beth, are working on an amazing project this fall. We are hoping to raise money, awareness, and raise the spirits for the children of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. If you are interested in participating, all you have to do is draw a picture of a dance scene on an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper. Write only the words, “ICON OF HOPE” on the paper, and hand into the front desk at ICON Dance Complex, with a $5 donation for the cause. We are going to create a video montage of all the artwork, and present it to the children of St. Jude with our donations. The winner of the contest, chosen by GEO and Beth, will have their drawing used as ICON’s holiday card. I’m sure everyone will love that!  The contest ends December 2nd, so please get your drawings in ASAP!!!!!!  Also, spread the word to all your friends at school too, anyone can enter!! I can’t wait to see your drawings! You can find out more information at www.icondancecomplex.com or feel free to ask me any questions right here on my blog.

I Heard You Say, "Hey, Hey!"

October 23rd was a great day! The weather was unusually beautiful, and could not be more perfect for a football game. ICONic was asked to dance during the halftime show for Kean University’s Homecoming game. Before the game we got to see all the fraternities and sororities hanging out, and college looked soooooo fun! Kean gave us really neat T-shirts to wear for the performance and they matched perfectly with our traditional “ICON blue.” After our performance, several of the people in the stands were giving us high-fives, and clapping. My mom said she heard someone in the crowd say, “WOW! Those kids can dance!”  I think the performance went well! Great weather, great football, and great dancing… I think EVERYONE enjoyed the day! 

Was anyone at the game that day? I would love to do that again… hmmm… what other college would you like ICONic to perform at?...any ideas?  
By the way, check out the picture of the cool Kean scoreboard… constructed by our very own, Elizabeth Barry’s dad!!... GO JIM BARRY! 

I Heard You Say, "Hey, Hey!"

October 23rd was a great day! The weather was unusually beautiful, and could not be more perfect for a football game. ICONic was asked to dance during the halftime show for Kean University’s Homecoming game. Before the game we got to see all the fraternities and sororities hanging out, and college looked soooooo fun! Kean gave us really neat T-shirts to wear for the performance and they matched perfectly with our traditional “ICON blue.” After our performance, several of the people in the stands were giving us high-fives, and clapping. My mom said she heard someone in the crowd say, “WOW! Those kids can dance!”  I think the performance went well! Great weather, great football, and great dancing… I think EVERYONE enjoyed the day! Was anyone at the game that day? I would love to do that again… hmmm… what other college would you like ICONic to perform at?...any ideas?  
By the way, check out the picture of the cool Kean scoreboard… constructed by our very own, Elizabeth Barry’s dad!!... GO JIM BARRY! 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Special Thanks!

Just when I thought my night couldn’t get better, GEO and Beth surprised me with an amazing gift…business cards for being ICON OF THE YEAR!! I love them! It was so nice and thoughtful of them to think of me. I am soooo thankful!! If you see me at the studio, ask me for a card!! In addition, Elizabeth Barry, ICON’s very own PR representative, sent me the most thoughtful card and a book called, “Live, Love, Laugh, Dance.” It truly made me feel so special! I put it all, along with some business cards, in a special box I have that I call, “My ICONic Memories!” It’s filling up so fast!  This weekend I actually had to get a new box!  Yup, at ICON, the special moments and memories just keep on coming!! …I love it there!  

Talk about a workout. NICK Gonzalez is Crazzzzzzyyyyyy!!! (In a good way!) LOL

   Thursday, September 16th at ICON was crazy! First, that night was my first CHEER FUNK class, so I was so psyched! Then, at 8:30pm, the craziness started. Nick Gonzalez was in the house, running the first open class of the year. Everyone has been so excited about new classes and new dances all week, but I don’t think anyone was ready for what was in store in the next 1 ½ hours. We started with some really fun warm-ups. Then he began teaching a routine. It was sooo crazily fast, fun, and full of energy. The whole place was literally sweating! But nobody could stop dancing! Nick kept the energy level so high, we all just wanted to keep going and going with the routine. At open, there are so many different aged kids and adults, and all dance at different levels. Nick brought EVERYONE in the house to the advanced level. You had no choice!!...LOL! It was just so funnnnn!  It’s really exciting when GEO comes into the class and we can show him what we learned. I think he was impressed!  Don’t worry GEO, as much as I enjoyed Nick, nothing beats your opens!! 

Was anyone there that night?  Have you taken any master classes here or at your dance studio? Tell me about it!


Ok, so, I like begged my mom for the past 2 years to take CHEER FUNK, and she always said I had a packed schedule and it was enough. Well, this year she FINALLY let me take it. OMG!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!  It was so fun!  Beth started with a really fun warm-up. We worked out, did some jumps, and then the real excitement began. She put on a song called “Getting Over You” and started teaching us the coolest dance! It was so fun and so energetic!!!! I will NEVER listen to my mom again!! LOL!!  I will be signed up for CHEER FUNK forever. Anyone else feel the same? Let’s chat about it! Hmmmm… what song do you think Beth will pick to dance to next week?

The First Week of ICON. It was a Blast!

Well, the year has begun at ICON and I LOVE it!! My week started with Hip Hop with Geo and ballet with a new teacher named Casey Hill. Geo’s class was, of course, soooo fun as always! Casey is so nice and pretty and totally knows her ballet! I’m so excited to perfect my skills with her. Jumps, Leaps and Turns and Acro with Brant was another plus this week and I look forward to strength training in these classes and improving all my technique.  Lyrical with Giselle, Contemporary with Chris, and Jazz with Beth, were all awesome classes too! I can’t wait to start learning new dances! This week I had my first ever Contemporary class and I truly loved it. We learned that there are several different kinds of Contemporary dances and I’m looking forward to learning each one.  This week was Contemporary Hip Hop, so we ALL loved doing it! Overall, it was a fabulous week of DANCE!! Do you go to ICON?   What was your favorite class? Tell me about it!

Friday, September 3, 2010

10 More Days til ICON Opens for 2010/2011!! SOOOO CAN'T WAIT!!

It’s been only about a week since I’ve been in ICON, and I’m just dying to get back there.  A week feels like a year when you love something so much!  My dance schedule is all set and I can’t wait to start learning, dancing, and improving my skills.  I can’t wait to see who is in all my classes!  It’s almost like school starting on the first day.  Except with ICON, I can’t wait to go back!  With school, I can’t wait til summer already...LOL!!  I know it’s going to be a fabulous year with ICON (and school ).  I’m actually happy September is here to get started on all the new adventures for the year ahead.  I’m actually already signing up for The Pulse Workshop on January 8-9!  That is going to be an awesome weekend!  I can’t wait to go back to Atlantic City and just literally DANCE the whole weekend.  Every minute, every hour, every day…ALL DANCE…soooooo can’t wait!  Have you ever gone? Tell me about it!

"Bieber Fever" at ICON!

Yes, we all had the Bieber Fever on Saturday, August 28 at ICON Dance Complex. Justin Bieber’s tour dancers, Kanec (a.k.a. Anthony Carr) and Mike Vargas taught an amazing master class! The line was out the door when we arrived, everyone was so excited! The class was great and everyone enjoyed the dance that was taught. A bunch of the dancers at the workshop were then headed to Newark, to see the Justin Bieber concert. The day psyched everyone up for the night!  Justin Bieber ROCKS!! Did anyone see the concert? How was it? And how were his back-up dancers

We Danced on Broadway! Literally!

Geo and Beth once again gave us dancers an opportunity to dance and do our thing for another great cause. On August 26, at the Symphony Space Theatre, NYC, on Broadway, ICON truly represented, as our boys performed their “ICONic Boyz” routine, and the ICONic Company perform, “SCREAM!” All the dancers in the show were amazing, and some were semi-professional dancers! I hope one day I can be as good as them! Most of the dances were contemporary dance, and we rocked the crowd with our Hip Hop!Each performance was dedicated to someone who has been touched by cancer. Our performances were dedicated to two amazing moms from ICON who have recently fought the battle of cancer. It was another great night for all! When the bus pulled in at almost 12:00at night, we all got together and sang Happy Birthday to my mom, who was turning 40 that minute, on August 27th! It was really a fun night! I hope we are asked to do it again next year!  


It was an amazing day at the Freehold Mall in New Jersey on August 18th! It was time for a Flash Mob!! The day before, Geo had an open call for anyone to come and learn a dance that we would perform the next day, while Ashley Loren and Roy Hamilton III sang at the mall. It was a really fun Hip Hop line dance. I was so psyched!! The morning of the big day, my family and I collected all the jeans we had around our house, to be donated to the local Head Start program. ICON and the Freehold Mall were working together to gather and collect as many jeans as possible to donate to a great cause. I actually collected 27 pairs!! (I have 3 siblings…we accumulate a lot!!...LOL!) It felt great to donate!
I was so proud to be able to represent ICON, as ICON of the YEAR, at this event. I collected the jeans, and took many pictures with lots of the people and children who were donating jeans. Ironically, I even signed some autographs!! This was a first for me! I thought it was pretty funny! Some of my best friends lined up for an autograph, we were all just laughing! 
When it was time for the Flash Mob, Ashley and Roy began to sing “New New”, and we all began the line dance! It was so exciting to just be out there, be part of a great cause, and at the same time, entertain an unsuspecting crowd. It was overall, a great night!! Geo said in the end, 500 jeans were donated to the Head Start Program! I hope we do more of these special events! Got any ideas? Let me know! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am so excited to start up my classes at ICON in September! I have a loaded schedule, which I love. My classes include Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, Hip Hop, Cheer Funk, Jumps, Leaps, and Turns, Acro, and a technique class. I also have company choreography classes for both the ICON (technique) and ICONic (Hip Hop) companies. In addition, I can’t wait to start working on my solo for the year.  Hmmm…I wonder what kind of solo I should do??... any suggestions? 
This year, I’m excited to have a few extra “work-out” classes. I’m hoping to strength train extra hard this year. It is so important to eat right and stay in good shape in order to be your best at dance. I’m setting a goal to get my jumps higher and higher this year! In addition, I’m psyched to try out ICON’s new class of ACRO. I LOVE to flip, so that will be a lot of fun, and a great work-out too!
Every year, with GEO and Beth, there are so many unexpected, amazing opportunities that they offer to their dancers. That is truly what makes ICON so unique. I mean really, where else do you get a Facebook message that says “ICONers: Meet at the Freehold Mall on August 18th for an ICONic Flash Mob Dance!” It is going to be awesome!  We do so many things that are for great causes, which makes our performances even more special and memorable… I sooooo can’t wait!!!! 

ICON Rocks Two Beatstocks!!!

Believe it or not, on July 29th, we received an e-mail about perfoming at the August 7th and 8th Beatstock concerts and our first rehearsal for Beatstock started on July 30th.  We were all just so psyched to be there and nobody could wait to start dancing.  Geo played the house music for us and explained that we would be dancing in the last 3 minutes of the “History of House” set during the concert.  Everyone in the studio that night was just soooo excited to start learning the routine. I think GEO was the most excited! It is hard to explain, but we (all the dancers) feed off GEO and his energy, and we like to think he does the same from us.  We all had the same goal-to have fun, dance our hearts out, impress, and make the crowd go crazy!... and I have to say, I think we definitely succeeded!!  The concerts were amazing and the crowds went crazy after our performance. It is a feeling like no other when you are performing in front of a crowd of 50,000, and they love watching what you love doing!... it’s just an unbelievable feeling! If you were there, let me know what you thought of the concert…

Shopping for School Clothes? Stop by ICON Dance Complex

GEO had “History of House Crew” shirts made up, with of course, the ICON logo.  We all love sporting ICON gear and showing off where we come from. We recently had a photo shoot to show off all the cool, comfy ICON clothes that we all love to wear. Whether you are part of the ICON family, would like to be, or just support ICON, the clothes are available for purchase to anyone and  everyone! Just stop by ICON anytime, but I warn you, you may just fall in love with the place and never want to leave, like me. 

I'm in a photo shoot! Dance Couture rocks! Thanks also to ICON...

In the City for a day…
As soon as Nationals wrapped up, I was soon in the city working on the DANCE COUTURE NY 2010-2011 catalog. Gabby, Angelica, Saige, my little sister Kara, and I had an awesome time. We were at a studio in the Art Gallery district very early in the morning. After getting our hair and make-up done, we put our Hip Hop skills to work on a professionally built platform. We all had an awesome time modeling. The costumes were adorable and  funky at the same time! We met such nice dancers from other schools and we all talked about classes and competitions. Ironically, it was there, at the shoot, that all of us received the e-mail about Beatstock. It made the day even more exciting! We all just couldn’t wait to get to rehearsal the next day. It was a day we will never forget! 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I am so glad to be back at ICON!

Now that I'm back at ICON, I can't wait for what's next, but I'll definitely be enjoying my summer along with dance. Check out the collage I made for you... I hope you like it!

BE ICONIC! he he,


Nationals ROCKED!

We all just returned from the USTD Nationals in Atlantic City, and we are still so psyched from the whole week.  There were so many amazing moments from the competition, where should I begin?

At the beginning of the week, ICON had several dances that had to qualify for the upcoming National competition.  I had to qualify my solo as well.  I competed in the lyrical division for my solo, and I danced to IMAGINE, by Eva Cassidy.  

We started competing early Sunday morning and ended late Sunday night.  Because awards were being announced so late in the night, my mom insisted we go up to our hotel room, and watch the award ceremony on the TV.  What I didn’t know is that they were awarding dancers with the highest score of the day in all categories.  As we got comfy in our beds to watch the awards, my mom joked, “Imagine they call your name Katie!”  Suddenly, as they announced the Top Solo of the day for my age group, we heard, “IMAGINE, KATIE.”  We all just sat in silence, as we watched everyone on the TV clap, and look around for me.  It was sooooo funny!  I started to talk to the TV, and say, “somebody go get the award for me!”  It was a very crazy and unforgettable moment!  My sister and I quickly ran downstairs to the award ceremony…in our pajamas!!...and that was the start of a very entertaining and exciting week!

As the week continued, I competed a total of 17 times!  I love all my dances, so I enjoyed every minute of being in front of the judges.  We received many High Point Gold Awards, Gold Awards, and Special Awards.  I was so excited to earn a High Point Gold in the National Competition for my solo.  
In addition to all the dances I competed in, ICON truly represented in all their performances, which included solos, duos, and trios as well!  Our ICONic boys rocked the competition, and walked away with about a zillion awards!  

At the end of the National Competition, USTD has a Diamond Dance-Off.  During this part, the top 30 teams of the week “dance off” and compete for the highest awards of the competition.  Our boys walked away with several of the individual special awards, but the night and week was complete when “SCREAM” won the Junior Diamond Dance Off award with a score of 99.6!!  This was the final and largest award of the competition.  The best thing about this award is that all of our Junior, Teen, and Senior “ICONic” (Hip Hop) company participate in SCREAM, so we were ALL winners.  We all shared the excitement and glory together!  It was a night that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.  If you ever get a chance to see our company perform “SCREAM”, you may also “SCREAM,” because it is truly an amazing dance!  

Overall, it was a great trip!  Believe it or not, I am not danced out!  I already can’t wait to get back to ICON, and start learning new dances for the upcoming year!  I know GEO and Beth are probably already thinking up unique dances already!  Last year our main theme was “Michael Jackson,” hmmm…I wonder what it may be this year…I just can’t wait! 
25 Things
I Bet You Never Knew About Me!! You know I LOVE ICON, but learn about the REAL ME! 
Katelyn Taylor Fasbach

1.  Yup, that’s my full name, but I like being called “Katie.”
2.  Along with dancing, I love drawing and writing.  I am in the T.A.G. (talented and gifted) program for Art at my school.
3.  I LOVE to shop and design clothes.  I have a PASSION for FASHION!!
4.  My favorite TV show is Project Runway!
5.  I have never tried a cookie, cupcake, or candy ever and I have no desire to (I’ve never had a cavity either.)
6.  I LOVE Porterhouse steak! My dad cooks amazing dinners, my mom is a terrible cook, sorry Mom
7.  I have 3 siblings, Sam is 13, Kara is 7, and my cute brother Drew is 2.  I am 11, in the middle, and love it!
8.  I don’t have any pets, but I would love a puppy!
9.  I’ve been a gymnast all my life, until I started dance.  When I was 7, I could do a full back twist on the floor by myself.  I love to flip!
10.  I only like watching the audition part on American Idol.
11.  I sleep with a special doll that I’ve had since I was born.
12.  I love playing CLUE with my family, I’m always Professor Plum
13.  I LOVE summertime!!
14.  I am addicted to Perdue Chicken Nuggets!
15.  I share a purple room with my little sister Kara.  
16.  I have the BEST friends in the world!! (school friends, dance friends, and awesome neighbors!) They are ALL so special to me!
17.  5th grade was my BEST year ever!!  I had the greatest school teacher, really fun class, and the year ended with ICON of the YEAR!  I hope 6th grade is just as great!
18.  I LOVE roller coasters!  I’m so glad that I’m finally tall enough this year to ride the crazy ones!
19.  I love my family, they ROCK!
20.  I’ve had straight A’s all my life, but who knows about next year…LOL!
21.  I love swimming and diving and flipping into the pool!
22.  I have to clean the bathrooms in my house every Saturday
23.  I am a Mets and Giants fan, sorry GEO!!
24.  When I’m older, I want to be a dance teacher and fashion designer
25.  I truly never worry about anything, LIFE IS GOOD!