Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ABDC EXCITEMENT! Look out LA!!! ICONic Boyz will be in the HOUSE VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!

So, while on my awesome trip to Myrtle Beach with GEO and some ICONic Kidz,
GEO once again surprised me at dinner. He told me that he decided to take the ICONic Girlz on an audition… but not just any audition, it was for ABDC!!!! I was like, “um YEAH!!” I was sooooo excited! It was the week before the audition, yes, week before that’s the way GEO rolls… LOL! And we all showed up for our first practice. It was pathetic, Gianna and I just, like that minute, were overtaken by the stomach flu, Brittany was fighting a sinus infection, and Alexis pulled a muscle in her leg. Well, that was a great start… LOL! Poor Mikayla and Sarah, they were feeling great… LOL! We decided to push the practice up until Wednesday. To add to the craziness, a huge snowstorm decides to arrive all day and night Wednesday. At 9:00pm Wednesday night, I got a call, “Come on over!” Believe it or not, I was sleeping, still not 100%, but I quickly woke up and was ready in 2 seconds! I couldn’t wait to get started on this dance!  We practiced that night and it was sooo much fun. We all knew it was going to be a snow day the next day, so we weren’t in any hurry. Well, we kinda were in a hurry, LOL, the audition was on Saturday. Well, Saturday came and we all were excited. We all knew that it was such a crazy week, that we just wanted to enjoy the day. When it was our turn to go, us GIRLZ knew nothing was gonna hold us back from doing our absolute BEST!  We were psyched!  OMG! WE GOT THRU TO THE NEXT AUDITION ROUND!... AND SO DID OUR BOYZ…OMG!

That night was probably the craziest night of our lives. We truly just danced and danced and danced. We all arrived early Sunday morning, and headed to the city… OMG! ONCE AGAIN WE BOTH MADE IT THROUGH TO THE NEXT ROUND!  When we arrived back to ICON, the parents had organized an awesome celebration for the GIRLZ and BOYZ. It was sooooo much fun! We ate and watched videos of the weekend, and of course, danced and danced!  We just had the best time all together!  We ended the night doing each other’s dances, it was hysterical!  We all couldn’t stop laughing!  I truly, once again, had “THE TIME OF MY LIFE!”

I soo can’t wait for Thursday night (10pm) parties at ICON…hope that’s ok with you GEO …or should I say Michael?... LOL!

Congratulations to GEO and his new ICONic GEAR!

So I think everyone at ICON knows the importance of COOL gear when dancing… actually, most of us like cool gear all the time . Well, lucky for us, GEO stays on top of it for us. Recently GEO took creating and selling clothes to the next level. If you go to the site,, you can see a list of many ABDC crews and their gear. Click on “ICONic” and check out GEO’s newest HIPHOPGEO gear. I’m sooooo psyched my mom let us order one of each. We couldn’t decide which one we liked best  Hey GEO, Kara has a question… ”Are you going to have children sizes soon?”   Well, sending a big CONGRATS to you GEO!... so excited for you! 

Passion and Energy… Karla Garcia

This month we were honored to have been taught by SYTYCD contestant, Karla Garcia.  I was so excited to take the open class taught by her. Karla has this unique way about her moves, which I can only describe as tons of passion and amazing energy.  This is my first year learning Contemporary, and I have LOVED every minute of it. Throughout the year, we have learned all different types, and I can’t even decide which I love the best, I truly LOVE them all. I think of Contemporary as like an “anything goes” type of dance, and learning from different choreographers just makes it more intriguing. This month I will have the opportunity to work with Karla again and I just can’t wait!! Have you ever danced or taken a class with Karla?  Tell me about it?

Ticket Sales… OMG! ICON V will be here in no time!!!!!... I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

April 10th is such an exciting day! Tickets for our recital go on sale! I’m just so excited for our recital! That whole weekend is just sooooo fun, exciting, amazing, ummm, like every great word I can think of . I’m sure everyone feels the same. We have some really awesome dances this year, and it’s just so fun to perform them all. When it’s over on Sunday, I actually wish we could do it all again, seriously! Last year I invited my school teacher and his wife to come. They both insisted that our show was like seeing a Broadway show, and they had seen a lot of shows! So if you go to ICON, or you just want to come out and enjoy a fantastic few hours of great dancing, go to and find out how to get some tix! Hope to see you there!


Spring is finally here! Most are excited because of the nice weather, but I’m excited because this time of the year is crazily busy with dance stuff! Competition time is just around the corner. This year we are going to Regionals in May. I’m so excited. I have a handful of different dances going to competition. In total, at Nationals, I will be competing in 10 group dances and 2 solos! I sooooo can’t wait!  We’ve been working really hard lately with a few dances in particular, I can’t wait for us all to perform them, it’s going to be a blast! Which dance have you had the most fun with this year?  Have you seen any other dances? I saw the Mini Tech Company’s Jazz dance the other day… LOVED IT!!!!! 

Rock on and hear me.
xoxo Katie