Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I am so glad to be back at ICON!

Now that I'm back at ICON, I can't wait for what's next, but I'll definitely be enjoying my summer along with dance. Check out the collage I made for you... I hope you like it!

BE ICONIC! he he,


Nationals ROCKED!

We all just returned from the USTD Nationals in Atlantic City, and we are still so psyched from the whole week.  There were so many amazing moments from the competition, where should I begin?

At the beginning of the week, ICON had several dances that had to qualify for the upcoming National competition.  I had to qualify my solo as well.  I competed in the lyrical division for my solo, and I danced to IMAGINE, by Eva Cassidy.  

We started competing early Sunday morning and ended late Sunday night.  Because awards were being announced so late in the night, my mom insisted we go up to our hotel room, and watch the award ceremony on the TV.  What I didn’t know is that they were awarding dancers with the highest score of the day in all categories.  As we got comfy in our beds to watch the awards, my mom joked, “Imagine they call your name Katie!”  Suddenly, as they announced the Top Solo of the day for my age group, we heard, “IMAGINE, KATIE.”  We all just sat in silence, as we watched everyone on the TV clap, and look around for me.  It was sooooo funny!  I started to talk to the TV, and say, “somebody go get the award for me!”  It was a very crazy and unforgettable moment!  My sister and I quickly ran downstairs to the award ceremony…in our pajamas!!...and that was the start of a very entertaining and exciting week!

As the week continued, I competed a total of 17 times!  I love all my dances, so I enjoyed every minute of being in front of the judges.  We received many High Point Gold Awards, Gold Awards, and Special Awards.  I was so excited to earn a High Point Gold in the National Competition for my solo.  
In addition to all the dances I competed in, ICON truly represented in all their performances, which included solos, duos, and trios as well!  Our ICONic boys rocked the competition, and walked away with about a zillion awards!  

At the end of the National Competition, USTD has a Diamond Dance-Off.  During this part, the top 30 teams of the week “dance off” and compete for the highest awards of the competition.  Our boys walked away with several of the individual special awards, but the night and week was complete when “SCREAM” won the Junior Diamond Dance Off award with a score of 99.6!!  This was the final and largest award of the competition.  The best thing about this award is that all of our Junior, Teen, and Senior “ICONic” (Hip Hop) company participate in SCREAM, so we were ALL winners.  We all shared the excitement and glory together!  It was a night that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.  If you ever get a chance to see our company perform “SCREAM”, you may also “SCREAM,” because it is truly an amazing dance!  

Overall, it was a great trip!  Believe it or not, I am not danced out!  I already can’t wait to get back to ICON, and start learning new dances for the upcoming year!  I know GEO and Beth are probably already thinking up unique dances already!  Last year our main theme was “Michael Jackson,” hmmm…I wonder what it may be this year…I just can’t wait! 
25 Things
I Bet You Never Knew About Me!! You know I LOVE ICON, but learn about the REAL ME! 
Katelyn Taylor Fasbach

1.  Yup, that’s my full name, but I like being called “Katie.”
2.  Along with dancing, I love drawing and writing.  I am in the T.A.G. (talented and gifted) program for Art at my school.
3.  I LOVE to shop and design clothes.  I have a PASSION for FASHION!!
4.  My favorite TV show is Project Runway!
5.  I have never tried a cookie, cupcake, or candy ever and I have no desire to (I’ve never had a cavity either.)
6.  I LOVE Porterhouse steak! My dad cooks amazing dinners, my mom is a terrible cook, sorry Mom
7.  I have 3 siblings, Sam is 13, Kara is 7, and my cute brother Drew is 2.  I am 11, in the middle, and love it!
8.  I don’t have any pets, but I would love a puppy!
9.  I’ve been a gymnast all my life, until I started dance.  When I was 7, I could do a full back twist on the floor by myself.  I love to flip!
10.  I only like watching the audition part on American Idol.
11.  I sleep with a special doll that I’ve had since I was born.
12.  I love playing CLUE with my family, I’m always Professor Plum
13.  I LOVE summertime!!
14.  I am addicted to Perdue Chicken Nuggets!
15.  I share a purple room with my little sister Kara.  
16.  I have the BEST friends in the world!! (school friends, dance friends, and awesome neighbors!) They are ALL so special to me!
17.  5th grade was my BEST year ever!!  I had the greatest school teacher, really fun class, and the year ended with ICON of the YEAR!  I hope 6th grade is just as great!
18.  I LOVE roller coasters!  I’m so glad that I’m finally tall enough this year to ride the crazy ones!
19.  I love my family, they ROCK!
20.  I’ve had straight A’s all my life, but who knows about next year…LOL!
21.  I love swimming and diving and flipping into the pool!
22.  I have to clean the bathrooms in my house every Saturday
23.  I am a Mets and Giants fan, sorry GEO!!
24.  When I’m older, I want to be a dance teacher and fashion designer
25.  I truly never worry about anything, LIFE IS GOOD!