Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strike a Pose... Vogue, vogue, vogue...

The vibe at the studio the past couple of weeks have been fueled with excited energy. Getting dressed up in costume, PLUS doing hair and makeup for picture day and dress rehearsal has gotten everyone pumped up for the upcoming ICON IV Show. All the choreography is done and now we’ve had the opportunity to see the awesome costumes that go along with the awesome choreography! In addition to some great costumes from great catalogs, GEO and Beth gave us creative license to put together some of our own costumes. Now that was an INCREDIBLE adventure! With the guidance, encouragement and support of GEO and Beth along with Angel’s artistic ability and eye to sketch everything out for us, we all had a ball assembling and accessorizing some really cool costumes. What fun to be part of that creative process! Who knows, in addition to being responsible for nurturing extreme dance talent, GEO and Beth may be credited for discovering fashion designers within their studio walls. Thank you GEO, Beth and all of ICON staff for always encouraging a creative process and showing us to think outside the box!

I was in gendance with a creative story written just for me

On gendance Thursday, which is what everyone calls it... May 20th, I was featured amongst other stars such as Nickelodeon's Leon Thomas starring in the new Victorious show as well as Jim Keith, who apparently is one of the hottest dance agents right now. Then... there I was! A feature story written about me to inspire the next generation. If this is what it's like to be ICON of the Year, I could do this every year! Thanks Geo and Beth, you're giving me so much opportunity... at only 12 years old. I'm honored.

The story took a Bonjovi angle due to my last name and was called Blaze of Glory, which I loved. (Hello, he's from NJ!) It also was the first time that everyone found out I was starring in this summers hot flick, The Next Airbender. My peers applauded my modesty about not boasting about the opportunity and it was a pleasure for the article to bring it about in such a great way. My parents were super proud.

Check out the article here. You can sign up to receive gendance at www.gendance.com. I love this next gen vibe and I think you will too. Geo was an Ambassador and he even has HIS own gendance page. Take a look here.

My peers are kickin' it at the Apollo Theatre

If you asked me how and why I'm proud to be ICON of the Year, I'd tell you this... it's because of the opportunity we get as opposed to many other "regular dance studio" kids. We're blessed with being at several high-end NYC events, traveling events and corporate events at such a young age. For instance, take my peers, the ICONic Boyz, who performed at CUE Art Foundation in NYC this month at the Arts to Grow Gala, alongside News anchors, celebrities and comedians who spoke; not to mention their huge success story at the Apollo Theatre. These are talented dancers that make me MORE than PROUD to be ICON of the Year and I tell you what... I'll be there on June 16th cheering them on in the audience, alright. You should too! Come with us to the Apollo. Tickets are available at The Complex. There's nothing like the history of the Apollo; especially when your best friends are on stage. More info is available on our home page at www.icondancecomplex.com

My Anniversary Wish for ICON Dance Complex

This past Thursday, May 20th, ICON Dance Complex celebrated their 4 year anniversary. I was so proud that day to go to class and see my peers celebrating with Geo, Beth and their amazing family. Luckily, some of our team surprised Geo and Beth the night before and we all got together to extend personal anniversary wishes to our favorite dance leaders. Here's mine and thank you again ICON Dance Complex, for naming ME ICON of the Year and for giving me the opportunities presented on a daily basis... sometimes hourly! You guys are amazing!

I'm Super Nutritious Now!

Thanks to Felicia Stoler, host of TLC's, Honey We're Killing the Kids, who came to talk to ICON Dance Complex dancers about proper health and wellness tips, including what to eat and what to steer clear from... I feel great. As ICON of the Year, I am fortunate to be at the helm of these events. On May 8th, we were blessed with this workshop and since then I have been feeling better because I know how to "portion"... and all of a sudden soda and candy isn't too appealing as a snack between dance classes. I'd prefer and apple and a water, thanks. To all the students of ICON and to my friends in school, this was really important for me as a young woman and I hope that you take a chance to look at your own diet and make the "better" choice between nutritious and sugar next time you're craving a snack.