Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Girly Alexis!!!!!!!!! (Blog 4 of my last 5 blog posts!)

Last week the ICON companies attended the USTD Regional Competition in Lancaster Pennsylvania.  Though we won many GOLD and HIGH GOLD awards, it was a certain situation that truly fulfilled my Regional experience. To start, once again, Beth worked soooo very hard to have us prepared for the competition. It was Thursday night and Thursdays around ICON have become an EXCITING night to say the least! So everyone was psyched for competition, and psyched to watch the Boyz at 10pm! But nothing could prepare us for an unexpected bump in the road! My girl Alexis… she truly ROCKS!

This year she took on two extra dance classes to replace another dancer. Alexis was dedicated and worked so hard and many hours to prepare for these new dances. In an unfortunate minute, a split second to say the least, Alexis got kicked with full force right in her face. It immediately blew up and bruised. She was in much pain! She iced it and truly took on the injury so bravely. I’m not talking just a little kick, Alexis’s eye was swollen like you wouldn’t believe and her head was pounding. Boyz, I just want you to know, she insisted on staying and watching your performance on ABDC in all that pain before she went to the hospital…she’s too much! She soon went to the ER and got a cat scan done and they found a slight concussion. She was very sad and in very much pain!  But what does my girl do???? The next day, in much pain, she begs her mom, packs her bags, and suffers a 3 hour ride to Lancaster to support us girls!!!!! OMG! I couldn’t believe it!! I was SOOOOOO HAPPYYY she was coming! I quickly decorated our eye patch from our pirate costume for her. When I first saw her I wanted to cry… sorry Lex, your eye looked terrible! She couldn’t even open it and see out of it!  Everyone just felt her pain! It was then that I once again realized what an amazing group of girls we have in our company. Aside from needing Lex in one of our lifts, nobody was worried about how our dances would look; everyone was worried about Alexis’s health. Ironically, Alexis was worried about the dances and letting her group down! WOWWWWW! I was in awe of her dedication! Guess what?  She decided to dance our Karla Garcia small group dance. The judges said she could just mark her spots and no points would be taken off. Well, my girl, seeing out of only one eye, went all out 100%!!!!!!! She was unbelievable! I look up to Alexis in so many ways! She was soo determined, I was just so proud of her! I had tears in my eyes when we finished the dance.  Can you believe that we won not only a HIGH GOLD award, but the choreography award as well!!... but I have to say, it wasn’t the awards, it was the unbelievable qualities that I saw in Alexis that day that truly made my Regional experience an unforgettable one!


  1. Amazing article and way to go Alexis!!

  2. Amazing she came through she is now my role model :D

  3. OMG I can't believe she managed 2 do that she's a real iconic girl and truly believes in her passion for dance wowwww alexis, i would hav not been able 2 do tht ur a really tough girl i'mm sssooo proud of u way to go girl, wwooo!!!