Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Emotional and Exciting (1 of 5 last blog posts for the year)

As I sat down to write my last blogs of the year as ICON of the YEAR 2010/2011, I can’t help but be emotional... not because the year is ending, but because the year has been truly AMAZING and UNFORGETTABLE! I can make a list of a handful of unbelievably fun dance opportunities and experiences that have been offered to me this year, but I have to say, I have been most inspired by some of the most unique situations that have occurred just being part of the ICON family in the past few months.

To begin, sending GEO and our boyz out to LA this spring was a HUGE undertaking to say the least!  What many may not know and understand, unless you are a part of ICON, is this unconditional love that is just unexplainable with all the people of ICON. While we were beyond excited for this experience to happen, each and every one at ICON, especially Beth and our Junior Company, has been personally and emotionally affected by the absence of our boyz. We miss them soooo much!

We are together every day dancing, and we all work as a team. Beth had to hold us all together, and continue keeping us a team, even with them all missing. It is not easy to do, emotionally, physically, and socially, things are not the same! Not only has Beth had to run a business of over 600 dancers, but she had to take on the full responsibility of all our Company dances. From costumes and rehearsals, to competition and the recital, this is a huge job!!!!! Beth has done such an amazing job! I am truly inspired by Beth and the Hubela Family on how they come together and make things work. Each has their own responsibility, and each helps out the other when in need. The Hubela Family unit is quite unique and I think that’s why so many LOVE being part of the ICON family they created. I LOVEEEE BEING IN THE ICON FAMILY!!

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