Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Passion and Energy… Karla Garcia

This month we were honored to have been taught by SYTYCD contestant, Karla Garcia.  I was so excited to take the open class taught by her. Karla has this unique way about her moves, which I can only describe as tons of passion and amazing energy.  This is my first year learning Contemporary, and I have LOVED every minute of it. Throughout the year, we have learned all different types, and I can’t even decide which I love the best, I truly LOVE them all. I think of Contemporary as like an “anything goes” type of dance, and learning from different choreographers just makes it more intriguing. This month I will have the opportunity to work with Karla again and I just can’t wait!! Have you ever danced or taken a class with Karla?  Tell me about it?

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